Schmidtke-Bode, Karsten (2009).

A Typology of Purpose Clauses.

[Typological Studies in Language 88] Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.


This is the official website accompanying the above publication. Please feel invited to browse the appendixes and graphs collected on this platform, which are intended as material supplements to the book. All materials have been grouped thematically into the following PDF documents:

Languages, constructions
and grammars

This document contains a list of the 80 sample languages, the primary source (i.e. reference grammar) used for data gathering, and an overview of all distinct purposive constructions (N=218) that formed the database of the study.

Excerpt from
the data frame

This table is an illustrative excerpt of what the constructional data frame (N=218) looks like. It is meant to give an impression of the typological variables coded for the investigation, and of the coding schemes (categorical variable levels, prose etc.).

World maps

All WALS-based maps used in the book can be found here, partly with colour enhancement.


This document collects all schematic illustrations from the book, such as constructional schemas, conceptual spaces and semantic maps.


This is a compilation of all diagrams which served the illustration of descriptive statistics (e.g. simple bar and pie charts for the absolute frequencies of factor levels).

Inferential statistics

In contrast to the diagrams above, this file displays all graphs that illustrate or directly incorporate inferential statistics performed on the sample, such as spine plots, association plots or mosaic displays.


This document, finally, assembles the schematic illustrations of diachronic trajectories in which purpose clauses figure prominently.